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    Joint Venture Company Petrolera Indovenezolana, S.A. and the modern languages professional : an excellent team for improving the strengthening of bilateral relations between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of India
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    Elizabeth Cañas Rueda / José Miguel Plata Ramírez
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    Informe de pasantía
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    One of the requirements to obtain the degree in modern languages is to write a thesis or do an internship and present a report on the work done. This degree is highly appreciated by all modern language students. As one of them, I was excited and expected to be an intern in a real work environment. I preferred to do an internship because it was the chance to improve my professional skills, to learn about the work environment, also to prove my abilities in the foreign languages and above all, to prove myself how to practice everything I learned through my years at the university. For this reason, during some months I sent my professional CV to many national and international companies and organizations. After applying to different companies in different countries, and after eight long months I got the opportunity to be part of the work team in the Oil Joint Venture Company Petrolera Indovenezolana or "Empresa Mixta Petrolera Indovenezolana". I had expectations of what I would do in one of the most important companies in Venezuela, not only because I had to put into practice all the knowledge acquired during the last years in the university, but also because what I would do in an oil company where most of activities are created for engineers and architects. This place would not seem to be a right place for a modern language professional because of his/her lack of familiarity with structural equations and chemical formulas. In addition, the Joint Venture Company Petrolera Indovenezolana (PIVSA, for its acronym in Spanish) has opportunities for almost all professional areas, including modern language professionals. This Joint Venture Company was created on 26th February 2008 among Oil Venezuelan Corporation (CVP, for its acronym in Spanish), Venezuelan Petroleum, S.A (PDVSA, for its acronym in Spanish), and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Videsh Limited (OVL, for its official acronym). The main objective of this creation is to enhance bilateral relations between India and Venezuela through the exchange of Venezuelan oil for Indian technology. This company counts on a long list of different professionals such as engineers, architects, public accountants, lawyers, administrators, educators, translators, among others. However, this company has an educational commitment with universities and institutes giving the opportunity to students to acquire professional knowledge experience and abilities for becoming an integral person inside and outside the company. For the purposes of this report, I divided it describing first, the main duties of the host institution; second, detailing my duties and activities there; third reflecting about my internship and how that experience influenced in my professional behavior and my life; and finally, my conclusions and suggestions for the modern languages school and the host institution.