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    Resultados clínico-radiológicos de los reemplazos totales de cadera cementados y no cementados en el Hospital Universitario de Los Andes
  • Autor (es) / Colaborador(es)

    Rolando Manuel Useche González / Edgar Nieto Andueza / Freddy Castillo / Acacio Sandia / Dionicio Zerpa D. / Jesús Romero U.
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    Universidad de Los Andes - Facultad de Medicina - Postgrado en Ortopedia y Traumatología
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    Tesis de especialización
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    In a study carried out in the university hospital of you walk them, with 72 patients valued clinic and radiologícamente of a total of 109 primary total prótesis of hip carried out among January 1983 until July of 1997, el percentage of mortality it is of 18,3% ,el observation average it is of 6 years, with 55,6% of feminine sex and an average of 56,79 year-old age. The cemented prótesis and not cemented you colocarón in 41,7% for each one, the diagnosis was primary artrosis in 34,7% and arthritis reumatoidea in 20,8% and secondary artrosis in 15,3%. The type of more used prótesis was the Muller and Isoelástica with 29 each one. He/she was 37,5 pain%, with more localization for the prótesis cemented in region glútea with 50% while those not cemented in 43,3% in the face previous of the thigh. 59,7% of the patients can carry out the daily activities without difficulties, 43,1% presents moderated limp and 44,5% it always uses cane. 38% presents discrepancy of members with an average of < or similar to 2 cms in 62,2%, 86,1% manifested to feel better in comparison to its pre-operative state. As for the radiological discoveries we find 43,1% of cortical osteolisis in the acetabulo in Lee's area 1 and Chanrley, in the femur in 50% of the cases in the area 3 of Gruen, he/she was 40,3% of bone ectópico for Broker class 2, 20% of femoral fractures, 6,9% of luxaciones, 11,1% of lesions vasculo-nerviosas, con 1,4% of infections and 8,3% of migration of the one implant. With 25 loosening% in the femur, 13,9% in the acetabulo and 15% of both components in general. As for those cemented the acetábulo he/she loosened in 27% and the femur in 5%; those not cemented he/she loosened in femur in 22,5% and the acetábulo in 8%. As for the evaluation applied in our study we find 83% in the hybrid ones of excellent to good results, 76,7% in the not cemented prótesis and 50% in those cemented.