• Titulo

    Documentation : the keystone of my work in prose translation
  • Autor (es) / Colaborador(es)

    Génesis Imarú Briceño Rojas / Antonella Giurizzato / Claudia Pozzobon / Melva Márquez
  • Institución

    Universidad de Los Andes - Facultad de Humanidades y Educación - Escuela de Idiomas Modernos
  • Tipo Documento

    Informe de pasantía
  • Resumen


    As a Modern Languages student I had to face a lot of challenges in order to approve the various subjects studied. The last challenge I had to face was doing an internship. The internship, along with a written report, and the oral presentation, are the final steps some students choose to follow in order to receive the degree of Licenciado en Idiomas Modernos. The following is a report that shows in detail my personal experience as an intern in Asociación Cooperativa Aldea Cinema, from December 2012 until April 2013. Aldea Cinema is an audiovisual cooperative association specialized in producing documentaries, and short films for television, as well as independent productions. It is located in Mérida, Venezuela, and was founded in 2007 by students of Medios Audiovisuales of the University of Los Andes. Its growth in the last years has allowed it to be considered as a consolidated production house, run by first line young professionals. My activities at Aldea Cinema mainly consisted in the prose translation (from Spanish into English) of a short film called “Mujeres del Sur”. This short film recorded the lives and experiences of elderly women from Los Pueblos del Sur, a group of small villages located in the south of Mérida state. This activity also included the adaptation of the translation to the subtitle format, and sometimes the transcription of the texts spoken in the videos. In the following report there are five sections that will explain better my experience and learning process as an intern in Aldea Cinema. In the first part, the Host Institution is described in detail. In the second part, I explain the nature of my internship, including all the processes I had to follow, and the material I had to translate. The third part is a reflection essay which contains my personal impressions about all the tasks I had to perform, the problems I faced, as well as the solutions I found while doing prose translation for Aldea Cinema. Finally, I give some recommendations to my Host Institution, as well as to the School of Modern Languages in order to help them to improve the quality of their activities.