• Titulo

    Internship report as a transcriber assistant
  • Autor (es) / Colaborador(es)

    Sathya Elena García De Paredes Vera / Claudia Pozzobon / Carmen Elena Contreras / Anderzon Jesús Medina Roa
  • Institución

    Universidad de Los Andes - Facultad de Humanidades y Educación - Escuela de Idiomas Modernos
  • Tipo Documento

    Informe de pasantía
  • Resumen


    The present internship report is divided into four parts, as follows the first one is about the host institution, the Hispanic Linguistics Workgroup. The second part deals with the nature of the internship, as an assistant transcriber of the PRESEEA-MÉRIDA-VE team.. The third part is an essay based on my experience as a Modern Languages student during the internship. Finally, I offer some recommendations on the importance of research practice in this area for students in Linguistics and Literary Research. Therefore, I will show you in the following part of this internship report, how I have seen this experience as a professional and as a person who is taking new challenges to improve herself. I addition, I would like to thank my co-workers Marcos Carbonel, Anabel Garcia, and specially Professor Pamela Palm and Anderzon Medina because they have guided me and taught me that a professional must be organized; adaptable, trustworthy and a leader.