• Titulo

    Development as a translator in a diplomatic environment in the Ministry of the People's Power for Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • Autor (es) / Colaborador(es)

    Lucía Gabriela Méndez Cabello / Inés Rojas / Brisa Sepúlveda / Anderzon Jesús Medina Roa
  • Institución

    Universidad de Los Andes - Facultad de Humanidades y Educación - Escuela de Educación
  • Tipo Documento

    Informe de pasantía
  • Resumen


    Throughout my years of study at the University of Los Andes (ULA), I was provided with the tools, knowledge, experiences and opportunities to become a professional in languages specialized in translation, which was the professional option I chose from several others in order to start my career as a professional translator. In addition, the ULA demands its students to work as interns in order to acquire experience and develop acquired skills in a real life work experience. In this last period of my studies, I chose to gain professional skills through this opportunity I was given and do my internship at the department of translation and interpretation at the The Ministry of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (MPPRE). This has been one of the best opportunities I have ever had since I was able to take part in an environment of professionals in the field of translation I like the most: legal translation. My internship was the chance to meet several professional translators of legal documents who are full-time workers in this field. This was a very enriching experience since these experts guided me through every task I carried out at the department of translation and interpretation. They advised me in order to develop my skills and become a qualified professional, who will be, of course, facing a professional life at the end of my studies. My passion for languages and translation led me to make the decision of becoming a professional specialized in translation, a practical way to put into practice everything I have learned at the University. This is why having the chance to work as a translator intern at a such an important institution as the Ministry of the People’s Power for Foreign Affairs has been one of the best ways I have had to improve my skills, my professional relations and my professional life in this field. In this report, I will sum up my experiences as a translator intern at MPPRE. I will then describe my work and the tasks I carried out during this period separated by different sections which correspond to the different stages of a translation. Finally, I will provide my reflections about everything I learned and practiced at this governmental institution and will present some recommendations for the School of Modern Languages of the University of Los Andes as well as for the translation and interpretation department at MPPRE